Board and Superintendent Goals for 2011-12

While the guiding document for the district is the Strategic Plan, like the administration and individual schools, the Superintendent and School Board develop goals to support their duties for the year. At the recent workshop and regular meeting, the goals were finalized and will serve as a focus for their efforts. The School Board goals are:

  • Financial Stability – Authorize and approve deployment of a new strategic budgeting process that includes: direct alignment with the Strategic Plan, greater process rigor, stakeholder involvement, cost/benefit analysis where feasible and future financial stability. To be implemented with development of the 2012-13 general fund budget.
  • Communication (internal and external):
    • Identify and deploy enhanced and new ways for the School Board to reach external constituents and evaluate effectiveness of these methods (possible use of Decision Resources survey for baseline data).
    • Board members participate in the production of 7 (1 for each board member) public service announcements, on topics to be determined, outlining outstanding programs and opportunities in South Washington County Schools for cable and web-based broadcasting to internal and external audiences.
    • Each Board member will participate in 2 or more activities/events at their assigned building locations.
  • Evaluation of Strategic Plan, “Pathway to Excellence” –
    •  Conduct two (2) workshop sessions (October and January) for review of progress on the Strategic Plan.
    •  Conduct one (1) annual review session in May, 2012, to review progress and provide input and direction for 2012-13.
  • Choice Programming for Students - Develop and approve specific information and criteria to be used in the evaluation of non-traditional choice programming options for students. Approved rubric and criteria to be used in the future evaluation and determination as to the addition of new or the expansion of existing non-traditional choice programming for students.