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April Birthdays
bullet Sandra Boynton - April 3
bullet Debra Frasier - April 3
bullet David Adler - April 10
bullet Beverly Cleary - April 12
bullet Gary Soto - April 12
bullet Rick Chrustowski - April 17
bullet Barbara Park - April 21
bullet Maud Hart Lovelace - April 25
Math Education Month
bullet Circle 99
bullet Dude's Dilemma
bullet Give the Dog a Bone
bullet Math Hunt
bullet Math Maven's Mysteries
bullet Numbertime Games
bullet Who's Missing
National Humor Month
bullet 172 Knock Knock Jokes!
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National Poetry Month
bullet Acrostic Poems
bullet National Poetry Month
bullet Paint a Rhyme Online
bullet Poetry Writing
bullet Rebus Rhymes
April Showers Bring May Flowers
bullet April Showers
bullet Rain
bullet Shower Power
bullet What Causes Precipitation

Gardner's Corner

The Life Cycle of Plants

My First Garden

Plant Finder

Tulips: Journey North
April Fool's Day - April 1
bullet April Fool's Day Activities
bullet April Fools' Day: Origin & History
bullet Nature's April Fools
International Children's Book Day - April 2
bullet Authors, Illustrators, & Books
bullet International Children's Book Day
bullet International Children's Digital Library
Qingming Festival (China) - April 5
bullet Celebration of Tomb Sweeping Day
bullet Qingming Festival
bullet Qingming Festival
Chakri Day (Thailand) - April 6
bullet Chakri Day
bullet Chakri Day
bullet Chakri Day
Baisakhi (Sikhism) - April 13
bullet Baisakhi
bullet Baisakhi Day
Songkran (Thailand) - Begins April 13
bullet Songkran
bullet Songkran
bullet Songkran in Thailand
Passover/Pesach (Jewish) - Begins April 14
bullet Passover or Pesach
bullet Passover
bullet Passover
bullet Pesach (Passover)
bullet Pesach is Here!
Titanic Remembrance Day - April 15
bullet Meet the Crew
bullet Origins of the Titanic Iceberg
bullet Passenger List
bullet The Rise and Fall of Titanic
bullet Titanic
bullet Titanic Facts
bullet Titanic Facts
Easter Sunday (Christian) - April 20
bullet About Easter
bullet Easter
bullet Easter
bullet Easter Around the World
bullet Easter Day
bullet Easter Sunday
bullet Easter Symbols and Traditions
bullet Sweet Easter Facts
bullet Easter Cultures
Earth Day - April 22
bullet Earth Day
bullet Earth Pay Day
bullet Earth Day Games, Videos, Quizzes
bullet Garbage
bullet Helpful Hints for Planet Earth
bullet History of Earth Day
bullet Learn About Earth Day
bullet Sharon Cleans Up!
St. George's Day (England) - April 23
bullet A History of St. George
bullet St. George
bullet St. George: Patron Saint of England
bullet St. George's Day
ANZAC Day (Australia & New Zealand) - April 25
bullet A is for ANZACs
bullet ANZAC Day
bullet ANZAC Day
bullet ANZAC Day
bullet ANZAC Day History
Arbor Day - April 25
bullet Arbor Day Crafts
bullet Dr. Arbor Talks Trees
bullet Exploring the Secret Life of Trees
bullet The History of Arbor Day
bullet Meet the Treetures
bullet Smokey Bear
bullet Trees are Terrific
April Fun
Alien: Assembly Required
Buggin' Out
Build a Toy
Calamity's Quest
Desert Dive
Feed Gnocchi
Groovy Garden
Online Sudoku
Rockin' Rabbit
Tic Tac Toe Squares
Vine Time
Looking Ahead . . .

Cinco de Mayo - May 5
bullet Cinco de Mayo
bullet Cinco de Mayo
bullet Cinco de Mayo
bullet Cinco de Mayo
bullet Cinco de Mayo
bullet Mexican Crafts & Activities
bullet Piņata Concentration
bullet The Story of Cinco de Mayo
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