You are about to begin a journey through time that you never would have taken if not for the diary, from one of your ancestors, that you found in your Grandparents’ attic. With the help of this webquest, you will be going back to the time of the birth of America. Many colonists were beginning to feel like Americans. They no longer felt like British citizens since they were establishing a new home and culture far from England. They also had new ideas about how they wanted to govern themselves. On the other hand, others were still very loyal to the king and Great Britain. They did not believe America should be separated from England. They were afraid of what might happen if they became an independent nation.

The tension was running high on both sides. Now, you and your partner, will go back in time through the magic of this webquest, and will complete the pages of your ancestor’s diary and decide which side was right in their views.

Enjoy the journey!!!



While cleaning the attic at your grandparents’ home, you find a very old diary. In that diary, one of your long dead ancestors describes his experiences before and during the Revolutionary War. He fought in that war and lived to tell about it! The first part of the diary tells about what happened before the war began. Just when the story gets really interesting, you find that the pages in the diary are too faded to read.

Your task is to fill in the missing information. Your will record the information from your relative’s perspective – Loyalist or Patriot. Describe the events that might have been recorded on the faded diary pages. When you enter information in the diary, think about how your relative might have felt about what was happening.


  Was your relative a Loyalist or a Patriot? What were their beliefs and how did they support their cause? How many other colonists agreed with the beliefs of your ancestors and how many supported the opposing side? What thoughts and feelings might your ancestor have had during this time?
  Before you can fill in the missing diary pages, you will need to investigate the events that led up to the war. Be sure to carefully consider the events from your ancestor’s perspective – either Patriot or Loyalist

With your partner, decide which role to take. One of you will investigate from the Patriot perspective and the other from the Loyalist perspective. Once you have chosen your role, click on the Resource Page link below and begin your investigation.

  To record your findings, open the diary template and enter the information under the correct event. Be sure to describe the event, including the date, place, and who was involved. Also, include how your ancestor might have thought and felt about the event.
  When your findings are complete, print two copies of your diary – one for you and your partner and one for your teacher.
  Meet with your partner to compare findings. Together, write a paragraph that highlights the similarities and differences between the two perspectives. This paragraph, along with your diary entries, will determine your grade on this project.


Use the links on the resource page to find the information you need to complete your diary entries.



Resource Page
  You now have researched the events that led up to the American Revolution. Which side do you think was right? Was it fair that Britain was putting these taxes on the colonists? Was it right that the colonists refused to pay the taxes? Finally, was there any other solution to the problem besides going to war? You have all the information. It is time for you to decide. Discuss with your partner what you think. Be prepared to share your thoughts and discuss this with the class.
Evaluation of your work on this webquest will be based on the Pre-American Revolution Webquest Rubric. Click on the link below to see the rubric.